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Miami, Fla. (September 9, 2021) — One concern America’s Christian Credit Union had when considering a core conversion during COVID-19 was whether the project could be successfully completed remotely. After hiring Samaha & Associates, that question was answered with a resounding yes.

“The best choice we made when looking for a core conversion consultant was the decision to use Samaha & Associates. Their team stepped in and walked side by side with us during the conversion process,” said America’s Christian Credit Union’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Terri Snyder. “One of our additional challenges was that this was completely off-site due to COVID-19.”

Snyder explained that the Samaha Team attended “almost every conference call” between the credit union and its new core provider and gave sound advice and encouragement during the “particularly difficult” conversion.

“They provided superior knowledge of the new core, which was quite beneficial to the conversion process. Their vast experience in multiple areas provided the excellent leadership in this project that we were looking for,” said Snyder. “Even beyond the conversion they stayed to wrap up various outstanding items.”

Samaha & Associates Managing Consultant Adam Denbo said working with America’s Christian Credit Union was a seamless, uplifting experience. “The entire conversion team really took ownership of their operations and proactively sought to bring process improvement during the conversion. The team gained a heightened awareness of how their new systems can be leveraged now and into the future to streamline their procedures and ultimately better the lives of their membership.”

Aside from the consulting on the core conversion project, Snyder said the Samaha Team proved to be instrumental in other beneficial ways.

“They also helped us negotiate various contracts with core related vendors which ended up saving the credit union thousands of dollars,” said Snyder. “I would be remiss to not recommend them to anyone looking for assistance during a conversion or contract negotiation process. You couldn’t find a better team to work with.”

Samaha Associates is a nationally recognized consulting group that works collaboratively with financial institutions to assist in the improvement of business processes by optimizing efficiency and increasing revenue opportunities. Specializing in vendor contract negotiations, core system conversions and mergers, Samaha Associates expertly executes each respective project by exceeding client expectations. Visit:

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