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Samaha & Associates Proudly Celebrates 24 Years Serving the Credit Union Industry

Miami Beach, Fla. (May 17, 2022) — In 1998, realizing the strong demand for dependable technology consulting services and desire to support and serve the credit union industry, Sabeh F. Samaha took a bold step by establishing Samaha & Associates, Inc.

“1998 was a very interesting year. The EFT environment was evolving quickly, online banking was launching, disaster recovery plans were in high demand as was technology planning,” recalled Samaha. “Then there was this interesting thing called Y2K that we were all confronted with. It became clear that the work was available, so I mustered the necessary courage and faith, made the necessary calls, and was welcomed wholeheartedly by our credit union family.”

Now in its 24th year, the firm remains a relentless advocate for credit unions. Comprised of the industry’s best and brightest consultants, the Samaha Team are sharp negotiators and masterful technology project managers. Together, they have successfully completed nearly 500 technology and payments systems projects within the industry.

“Our family of clients is an absolute blessing as is our Samaha Team. Transparent and honest service externally with absolute loyalty and affinity internally has carried us all this time,” Samaha continued. “We continue to participate and advocate for our clients diligently. It is our way of giving back to an industry that has brought us so much happiness.”

Among Samaha’s Team is Managing Consultant and industry veteran Adam Denbo, a former credit union CEO and founder of Shapiro Partners. In 2011, the latter organization merged with Samaha & Associates.

“The years fly by like months, and months like weeks when you are having fun! It is truly a pleasure working with so many credit unions from Alaska to Florida and from Maine to Hawaii and all throughout our nation,” Denbo said. “We work closely with our valued clients to help improve efficiencies, reduce cost, and increase income by leveraging best-in-class technology and sharing our ever-growing experience.”

As Samaha & Associates looks forward to celebrating its silver anniversary in 2023, Samaha said he and his Team will continue to do what they do best: Help credit unions improve their relationships with vendors, enhance technology and services, and elevate big and small picture performance on all fronts.

“We have proven our ability to contribute in a meaningful and relevant manner to an industry ripe with competitive forces,” Samaha said. “This has been our way since day one. We have mastered this through hard work by the entire team.

Contact: Sabeh Samaha

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Samaha & Associates is a nationally recognized consulting group that works collaboratively with financial institutions to assist in the improvement of business processes by optimizing efficiency and increasing revenue opportunities. Specializing in vendor contract negotiations, core system conversions, and mergers, Samaha & Associates expertly executes each respective project by exceeding client expectations. For more information visit