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4 Technology Resolutions For 2019

Industry suppliers dish on how to win the hearts and wallets of credit union members in the year ahead
By Marc Rapport

Credit unions looking ahead to 2019 have the opportunity to deploy new member-facing technology that effectively targets individual members while providing personalized service. To do that, they must rely on suppliers of those tech tools to deliver the tactical ability to fulfill the credit union’s strategic goals.

Data analytics and fast-developing delivery channels are top-of-mind for vendors in the credit union space as the new year looms, and they’ll be critical in delivering what veteran technology consultant Sabeh Samaha calls “red carpet service” in the months and years ahead.

“That means access to accounts quickly and with tons of hospitality,” says the president and CEO of Samaha & Associates. “That means hospitality that is pleasant to the eye and the ear. That means no multiple phone calls, no waiting on hold, no waiting for a form on the website to work.”

Delivering transactional capabilities across multiple channels is the brass ring here, and the ability to grab it might already be in house. In his firm’s work with multiple credit unions, Samaha says, his team has come to realize that the capabilities to do much of what’s needed often lies in systems already in place.

Buying the latest and greatest isn’t always necessary. Taking advantage of existing opportunities can be enough.

“We see a lot of systems that are not configured well and then not deployed well,” he says. “That’s what credit unions should really resolve. I’d rather have a fully implemented medium system than the top system implemented poorly.”

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