Karen Duffy

Karen Duffy

Senior Consultant

Karen Duffy is a Senior Consultant at Samaha & Associates, Inc. A sought-after leader in the Credit Union industry, she has worked in virtually every position and department, including posts as a teller, a member service representative, a loan officer, a branch manager and a treasurer, as well as handled compliance, accounting, employee benefits, collections and marketing efforts. 

Upon her hire as the president of Worcester Credit Union (WCU), Karen was tasked with converting WCU, which at the time had less than three percent capital, from private deposit insurance to National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). In just four months, WCU received NCUA approval and within three years achieved a CAMEL two rating. 

In 2006, WCU won a bid to operate a branch in a state-of-the-art technical high school that has since been named a National Blue Ribbon school. She later worked with the local community college to structure the curriculum of the WCU teller training program such that student tellers completing the program earn three college credits. Under Karen’s guidance, WCU also offered FinLit training to military veteran and employee groups. In recognition of her exemplary service to the community, and upon her retirement from WCU, the mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts presented Karen with the key to the city. 

Extensive volunteer service on community boards and her executive positions have provided Karen with a unique appreciation for the importance of appropriate, effective and efficient governance structure. Additionally, Karen firmly believes that it is vital for women business leaders to participate and seek leadership positions in industry and community organizations. She has mentored volunteer board members and new executives as well as developed successful policies, procedures and guidelines at numerous organizations. 

While attending college at night as a young working parent, Karen proudly earned degrees from Bryant College and Roger Williams University. A graduate of CUNA Management School in Madison, Wisconsin, she credits this program with comprehensively preparing her for executive leadership roles within the Credit Union industry. 

Committed to her family, including her children, grandchildren, partner, parents, and siblings, and all their extended families, Karen is most happy when she can manage to bring all her family and friends together. An avid rower for over10 years, Karen and her crewmates of the “Oh My Quad” have competed and won rowing medals and regularly compete in the Head of the Charles Regatta, which takes place on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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  • Revenue Optimization and Cost Reduction
  • Change Management
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